Bread Spoons

These are bread spoons: “a set of containers made specifically for measuring bread ingredients. the size of each the vessel is precisely large enough to hold the ideal amount of water, flour, oil, sugar and yeast needed for a loaf. The white ceramic bowls have labeled wooden handles, making it easy for users to bake home-made bread.”

Oh, major want. Our tiny kitchen barely has the space for the basics, much less single purpose tools, but these are so beautiful it would be worth it. And no grocery store loaf can compare to the real deal! Still in prototype by design student Niels Datema, I hope these go into US production pronto. Via White Wood Grey.



Love these so much. I agree, I am usually not for single-purpose kitchen stuff but these would totally completely be worth it.


These are so cute! I tried making bread a few times. And it wasn’t pretty. Or tasty. I hope these spoons would help 🙂


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