Let’s put a ban on "busy"

Everyone is busy. Full stop. Busy related-chatter is banal and hijacks the conversation into the land of deadlines, procrastination, anxiety. Busy is a ruse we hide behind. Let’s strike it from our mouths. Wouldn’t you rather discuss being excited about your commitments? Excited instead of busy adjusts the dialogue so it’s optimistic, inviting, present. And more fun too.

Inspired by Bobulate’s Ban on Busy.



Exactly, Naomi! Even if it’s just doing it more it still counts, even if it’s just one day that it lifts your focus that’s not nothing!


YES YES YES. Exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. When I do say, “I’ve been busy…” I try to follow it up with “But I love it.”


I just posted this on literally every social media outlet I’m on. I’m so sick of people saying that. It’s really condescending and a passive aggressive “out” for way too many things.


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