Favorite Kickstarter projects!

Three of of my buddies have excellent Kickstarter projects out right now:

+ Jana Kinsman wants to bring beekeeping to the masses with hives sprinkled all over Chicago. She plans to build a custom-made trailer and bike across town to care for her bees. Backers may rent hives, but pledging at $55 or higher means you score a jar of the honey itself. Mmmm yes please!

+ Nickd sees a dearth of long-form design & technology critique and he wants to launch a quarterly publication of essays from some of best brains in the biz. Distance will be the kind of intense know-how that only seems available at conferences, but without the $800 price tag. Get smart, my fellow nerds.

+ Dee Clements is headed to an artist’s residency at the Penland School of Crafts where she’s hoping to design and weave her own line of textiles. Backers support goes to her residency & material fees and in return for a beautiful handwoven scarf, throw, or even coasters!

Good luck guys! I hope you get to take my money and do awesome things with it.


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