Support with Quite Strong + CAC

Sister Corita Kent, 1964. Song About the Greatness. (Screenprint) Via Art Tattler.

Got another show in the works! Instead of building a line of sellable products like I did in December, this one is definitely, squarely in the art camp. Support is curated by my Quite Strong girls and the Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC) is doing the hosting. The show’s theme is centered around the theme of support and the mix of artists & designers participating are free to interpret that at will, in any medium of their choosing. I can’t WAIT to see what everyone comes up with! I’m doing a typographic site-specific installation inspired by the legendary Sister Corita Kent. The only thing is that I have just two days to complete the installation before hopping on the plane to Salt Lake City which means I will miss out this show’s opening. Oh, when will someone invent cloning??

Here are the details in any case:
Opening reception: January 20th, 6pm
217 N. Carpenter St (West Loop).
Runs through February 12th.

Blog posts will probably be scarce between now and next week (see: art show, client work, Alt Summit conference prep). However, I just started a tumblr (eeeek! I know! Pinterest, now Tumblr, plus I’m nearly finished with a Cargo Collective portfolio site too, what is next?!) so look for me over there if you want to get the goods. Back in a jiffy!


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