Re-Classified at Post 27!

This is just one of the project I’m currently incubating. It’s for all you post-it note hoarders, marker sniffers and obsessive filers (you know who you are). It’s for all those times when you have so much work you can’t see straight and you need a little extra oomphf to get motivated. Re-Classified is a show about work, the office, and the multitude of tools that go into stuff-making. Get organized (or die trying) surrounded by beautiful, inspiring things, we offer all the promise of a fresh sketchbook or a box full of brand-spanking new school supplies. Including office furniture by Post 27, office-themed Neche Collection test prints by Winterbureau, and keep going kits of curated vintage & up-cycled office supplies by yours truly.

Ch-ch-check it out.
Opens next Thursday December 8th at Post 27. Free!
1819 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL



Teleportation will be my NEXT project, dearest. One thing at a time, mkay? Until then we’ll have to make do with the interwebz. The font is called Serifa, btw.


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