Friday Links

Here’s basically everything I meant to post about this week in one dispatch.

+ Beginners is the sweetest movie I’ve seen in a long time. By artist/designer/director Mike Mills, who’s work I adore, it’s based on his own life. Mostly about the complexities of family love & relationships, the film has a non-linear, collage-like narrative that’s especially memorable.

+ Ellie’s on a Howdy Do It roll this week, with posts on SEO and tips for starting a new business.

+ Bet you’ve never seen a water filter as purty as these ones before!

+ On setting the scene for a productive day.

+ I just discovered Doodle! A handy tool for scheduling events w/ groups of people that will eliminate the email back-and-forth. Free.

I’m working on a contract at an agency for the next week or so, that plus my own clients = 14-hour days so…that’s pretty much ALL I’m doing at the moment. HOWEVER. It is Friday and that is enough said, amiright!? I know it’s lame to talk about how busy one is offline, but at least you know that it’s not for lack of trying! A for effort. And with that, enter, the weekend.

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