Holding Pattern.

Who knew my impending visit to the oral surgeon would snatch my desire to write as well. Bear with me friends, I’ll be back as soon as I’m well again. In the meantime I’ve been entertaining reveries of the perfect spot to recoup. Things that come to mind: a cavernously deep soaking tub, a sweeping and dramatic view of the landscape, a roaring fire, a simple book to read, pleasant company, maybe even a hammock … Do you know such a spot?

In actuality, I will be at home on the couch with bags of frozen peas on my face, eating pureed food (no straws! no seeds!). Not nearly as glamourous, but I’ll take what I can get. Also, I can’t adequately convey my appreciation to those of you who offered tip jar support as well. It makes this whole experience way less scary knowing you are out there bolstering my efforts. Thank you times infinity.

{Images top to bottom: Avalon in Tasmania, Vorstadt in Switzerland, and Taxhof in Austria. All hotels found at Designtripper.}


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