Friday Links

+ 20×200 just launched a new print series of Valerie Roybal’s collages. That color is exactly how I want to start my Friday.

+ This roundtable discussion on the future of professional blogging written by some of the industry’s bigwigs is on my weekend reading list. (somewhat related, more Bitblogger interviews in the works too!).

+ Have you Bought Some Damn Art yet? Nothing’s better than an original artwork for your home. Go.

+ Portfolio alert: my newest project just launched this morning! I did all the design & strategy and about a third of the development. Coding is still not done yet (there is still lots of empty content areas, obvi) but everything should fill out by next week. Plus I just love these clients so much, they stand for a cause that means a lot to me so I just couldn’t wait to share! Major thanks to Word Couture for supplying the copywriting, Matt Barnes for the late night CSS help, and Shayne Miel & Brian Tucker for doing most of the code-wrastlin’. You dudes made my vision happen. Thank you.

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