Friday Links

“Oh, wouldn’t the world be a different place if we said, ‘I’m going to do something really little tomorrow.”

Mr. Rodgers

+ Gotta check out new lifestyle brand, Nothing Major, which I posted about at the Fox is Black.

+ I think everyone should make the exodus from LinkedIn to Zerply right now. Zerply is far more user-friendly, I can make updates in a matter of seconds whereas it takes +10 minutes on LinkedIn to make even the tiniest change. What really seals the deal though, is that I feel like MY personality actually comes through better. As opposed to LinkedIn where everyone appears like a faceless corporate drone stuck in something that looks like Windows 95.

+ Locals, you’re going to the Public School show tonight at the Post Family right? It’s going to be off the CHAIN. After having spent what feels like forever emailing back and forth w/ Will Bryant and even blogging for Public School for a little while, it’s incredible to finally meet these dudes in real life. They are all, without exception, inspiring the pants off of all of us. Guys, please never leave!

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