Swissmiss Interview

Head over to the newly re-designed Post Family site to catch me & Chad’s interview with the marvelous Tina Roth Eisenberg. We talk about collaboration, her massively popular blog, and co-working. One of my favorite bits from the piece:

Chad: Can you help me to find a replacement for this redundant question “What inspires you?”

Tina: It’s the dumbest question ever! There has to be something better. I’ll pay attention to when people ask me interesting questions and the minute I hear an awesome question to replace that I will let you know. I think the word “inspiration” is a little overused anyway. Do you know Stefan Boublil? He just wrote an article about exactly that.

And to finish, a happy little bonus video by Sam & Leo Rosen of Tina’s studio and all the Studiomates hard at work.

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