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I’m short on words again. Oh, blah-di-dah. This week really had its way with me between a surprise beaucoup expensive traffic ticket, a smashed iphone, taxes and one large decision. Even my feet proved too tricky yesterday when I took a spill, resulting in ripped tights (my fave pair, natch) and a matching set of truly impressive bruises on either kneecap. Oof. Weekend, get here quick.

Here’s some very nerd-core techie links that I got excited about this week though:

+ Mac-friends, did you know you can tab your Finder windows?! Man, I have been looking for a program like this for years. Game-changer and totally worth the $15 in my opinion.

+ 1Password. I lost the link to this about two years ago and just now found it after poking around on 37signal’s blog. I can’t believe it took me so long to find it again or that I’ve been working w/out a password manager for so long.

+ Wired’s got a nice little essay on distraction & creativity, which you know I’m all about. Nothing too ground-breaking, but I love seeing this topic crop up more and more.

+ The new Radiolab short In the Running is breathtaking. I listened to it three times in a row and it’s fantastically inspiring for any athlete or creative person. I had my friend Ellen in mind the entire time, as she is both of these things. Fair warning though, the episode does get pretty grisly and squirmy in one part for about 30 seconds so turn down your speakers if you need to.

Oh look at that, I guess I do have some words after all. That’s a nice surprise! Have a super, super, super weekend friends!

{Image credit: sculptor Ian Pedigo via Bold on Grey. Ian’s got an opening tonight at 65Grand.}

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