Dutch Tulip Round-Up

Oh spring, come quick! It’s a lifelong dream of mine to be in Holland during tulip season which is now just seconds away. The countryside all swathed in color as far as the eye can see, the air thick with the scent of spring. And then, all of a sudden it’s harvest time and they’re all cut down, packed up and exported worldwide. My Dad tried to go see them once and he was a day too late, he said it was a like floral massacre, bereft of color, the fields barren with random decapitated tulip heads & bulbs left behind. Oops, sadface Daddio. Nice try, better luck next time!

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I love the Netherlands. Lived there for three glorious years. Thinking seriously of going back.


Here I am part of your heritage – Dutch to be exact – and I haven’t been to see this beautiful splendor. Someday, I hope…Love you, Nanny


Visitors don’t realize that they are grown for their BULBS.
The flowers are a by-product and are sliced off and lay in great banks on the sides of the field.
Time it right and you get a ton of cut flowers for free!!

I lived in Breda (Brabant) for seven of the happiest years of my life. Eventually the lousy weather wore me down, now I’m retired in Florida but miss The Netherlands, especially the warm hearted people.


That’s it! We’re all going, all of us together. Tomorrow. I don’t care if I have to pack you in my suitcase. Okay, okay probably not, but this little post is a very close second place.

John Rosengarten

Lovely colors. God’s rainbow, from His point of view.

John Rosengarten

“Peace on Earth is God’s Will To All Men”- its what the angels really said!


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