Friday Links

Pop Up NYC
+ Pop-up NYC book by Daisy Lew. Spotted at two of my favorite places, The Daily Smudge and Public School.

+ Recent COLOURlovers post on artist Emily Clayton.

+ I launched a website this week for music booking house, Nicodemus Agency! The design & development was a collab I did with one of my long-time designer friends who now runs the Champaign-Urbana Design Organization (CUDO). Nicodemus also sponsors the Pygmalion Music Festival which is a small intimate music event (with big bands!) happening in September.

+ Current favorite Kickstarter project: The Mobile Food Collective. A traveling band of foodies transform their bikes into a pop-up style kitchen with dining table and cooking space. Through family style dining, they aim to foster community and new ways of thinking about food. At the moment, they are still several thousand dollars short of reaching their goal, and there are only four days left to pledge! Dooooo it.

+ I sent Jad Abumrad a tweet about The Books’ tumblr and he answered me back! God, I love Twitter. And I’m a huge nerd and massive Radio Lab fan. Clearly.

Happy weekend folks!

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