Friday Quick Links

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Phew! You know what I didn’t manage to get done this week? BLOGGING. Between moving (tomorrow, in fact) and the usual level of craziness is a total game-killer for me. Next week isn’t looking too promising either because I have six days ahead of me without regular access to internet. (At that point, it will have been three weeks since I requested a service transfer from at&t. They must have some kind of switch-flipping Czar over there; his talented fingers are clearly in prime demand cause getting on their schedule is nigh impossible. AHEM.)

So let me do this list-style for now, if I may, cause it cuts down on time.

10 Tips for Better Writing. Great ideas here for switching up your sentence structure, flow, and add more depth. Fellow bloggers can relate to the constant struggle of finding new ways to describe how awesome/pretty/fun/cool things are. Eventually I start to sound canned and less sincere after awhile, so I’m happy for some tips to push my words more.

• My recent COLOURlovers posts here and here.

• Those lovely gardens up there are THE SEXIEST landscape design I have ever seen. Holy moly, more plants! More plants everywhere. All of the times.

• Who’s watching the Mad Men premiere this weekend?! Get your fix on the show and 1960s culture with this blog. Natasha’s also just released her book, aptly titled, Mad Men Unbuttoned.

See youse guys sometime next week, I’m sure I’ll be dying to post something just as soon as I can manage it!


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