Never Sleep Book


This looks like a great book, chock full of eye candy & really down to earth advice on being a design professional. Even though it’s aimed at recent grads, it’s resonating with me as well. Especially the excerpt below, so true, no? There’s lots more to see here, including more images & essays should you feel the need for a little perspective or design theory. Via Thinking for a Living.

Working For My Studio:
I love it
I choose who I work for.
I get all the credit.
I design the layout of the studio.
I organize my day around what I want to/need to do.
If I like you and your work, I can ask you to work with me.
If I don’t like you and/or your work, I can ask you to leave.
I make all the decisions.

I hate it
I make all the decisions.
When there’s no work, there’s no money.
I stress about projects… and money… and time… and the future.
I have to fix the printer/light bulb/accounts/internet/mistakes…
Nobody covers me on my holidays. Do I get a holiday?
I’m not getting enough feedback. Am I evolving as a designer?
I can’t switch off.

Working For Their Studio:
I love it
I get paid every month.
I get paid when I’m ill.
They’ve got all the responsibility.
They have a cleaning person/accountant/IT guy…
When there’s no work, there’s no worries.
They have a lovely studio and they are lovely people.
I learn from them.

I hate it
I stress about the projects.
They get all the credit.
I have to work with whoever they hire.
They manage my time.
They make the final decisions on my design.
They choose the clients.
I think I could do better if I had my own studio.

– from Never Sleep, essay by Emmi Salonen

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