Easy Holiday Party Gift

I adore Paperwhites for the holidays, the smell is gorgeous & so springy for winter. So I obviously like this charming, simple, and cheap gift idea from Maya*Made. Great for hostess gifts!

You’ll need these:
stones or soil
paper white bulb
tin can or glass jar from your recycling bin
rectangle of fabric the same size as your container
jute twine or ribbon
gift tag

So you can do this:

And then this:

And then finally get this:

Full directions here.



ooh, I’m totally bringing that to the Xmas party we’re going to. That’s such a great personalized gift idea.


Couldn’t hurt to have a couple extras on hand as well, they’d make excellent decorations in your house too…Once the paperwhites die you can always re-vamp with daffodils or tulips too since they grow in the same kinds of conditions. Festive, but not too over the top, you know?


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