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Portland: All the Rest

Few people make an effort to sniff out interesting stationery, handmade books, and zines when they travel, but get Chad, Kate Bingaman-Burt & I in a car together and apparently that’s all we want to do all the day long day. In fairness we did stop by the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft to take… Read more »

Printer's Ball

This is going to be fuuuuun. And yes, print does ♥ digital. Printer’s Ball 2010


Whoa. Hold the phone dudes. This is one hell of an epic design magazine. Written and produced in the UK, it features content by world-class international talent. There’s a total of ten contributors to the first issue including Steven Heller, Supermundane, Anthony Burill,and Julien Vallee. Broadsheet style, it ships wordwide via Paypal for £10. As… Read more »

At Your Leisure

After working on Proximity magazine, it’s especially important to me to support local & smaller publications because I know the extra amount of effort it takes to them pull off, particularly financially. And now there’s this week’s news that ID is folding, on top of all our other countess magazine friends that have folded in… Read more »

French Fold Books

Self-promotional Book by Nikolaus Schmidt Bermuda Pantaloons zine by Evah Fan available on Etsy. ) It’s only $5, wow! Paul Hekkert by Chris van Diemen I’ve been noticing folded books like these lately. I just think they are so beautiful, really adds a lot of dimension to the whole experience of a book. Also, they… Read more »