Tag: Vintage

1960's Textiles

Word. I’m loving this find, a flickr set of textiles from the 60s. Now if I could just get my mitts on some of these on the cheap, that would be something else. Source.

Vintage Typewriter Ads

So I was wandering around flickr yesterday and I came across this huge pool of vintage ads. I happened upon a particularly striking Olivetti Typewriter ad, and I knew there had to be more like it. Here are my faves. Click each image to go to its respective set on flickr.

Vintage Finds on Flickr

Oh, wooooow. Here is an awesome set of adorable vintage radios on flickr. And here is an awesome set of color palettes inspired from said radios on COLOURlovers. This is indeed a good start to my Monday!

Three Potato Four Update

One of the best vintage shops there is, Three Potato Four has new items today, friends! Get ’em while you can and try not to die from the cuteness.

Hello Victory

Hey Susy just announced Hello Victory, a marvelous and brand-new Etsy shop featuring all sorts of vintage goodies. Seriously, she’s got all of 5 total sales right now, so go forth and buy! I think I will be too, that pitcher is calling my name.