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6 Days of Paris Art & Culture

In one of those rare opportunities, after much adance planning, last week I went to Paris with my mom. We went to celebrate her retirement from teaching, and because my mom is an Emily Dickinson fan, she wanted to attend the International Emily Dickinson Society’s annual conference. Which just so happened to be at Paris’… Read more »

Analog interface ideas

Interface Inspiration from 37signals on Vimeo. These dudes are so brilliant it really grates my cheddar. I can’t wait to look for my own interface inspiration in real world objects. I wish more web designers would do things like this, I’m bored by the huge portions of the web that are just remixes of the… Read more »

Vintage Classical Album Art

Unplanned blog hiatus; so lame I know. Does writer’s block ever announce its arrival? Or perhaps it was a social media hangover from last week’s Pinterest debates. Regardless, it’s passed finally. It was these album covers that jostled me out of the funk, discovered after spending several hours internetting researching today. I’ve posted similar Jazz… Read more »

Barbara & Michael Leisgen

I’m not sure I have much in the way of the freshest content today, still ruminating about Alt, I suppose…Just trying to think of ideas on what else I can bring to the table with my content…What else to make, do, think. The choices are as wide as the horizon, but aren’t in focus quite… Read more »

Julianna Brion

There’s so much Mid-Century inspired illustration everywhere these days (not that I mind, I will never tire of that era) but it’s also why Julianna’s work stands out. Nods to Picasso, Art Deco, and 1920’s are evident in her Pinup Girls series. Aren’t these just gorgeous? What a dream to hang in a bathroom or… Read more »