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Fellow Chicagoan Veronica Corzo-Duchardt updated her site just before the holiday. She shares a studio with those wackaloon Sonnenzimmer kids, and I can definitely tell they influence each other. I love when that happens, it’s always a sign of progressive work.

Artist Interview: Sighn

This is part of a companion piece which I wrote for The Show ‘N Tell Show’s new project, to launch in 2011. For Matthew Hoffman it’s all about identity. On the casual outward glance he’s a 9-5er, a career oriented young chap, probably unknown to some as…shhhh….an artist. But over wayside he runs Multi-Polar Projects,… Read more »

Bianca Chang

Letter A is a hand-cut typography piece by Bianca Chang. Simultaneously stunning and mind-boggling. Via Typography Served.

826DC Museum of Unnatural History

In classic form, 826 (this time in DC) does it again with the Museum of Unnatural History. Design by Oliver Munday. Just gorgeous and so funny. Essence of Unicorn Burps anyone? Via Public School.

Linotype: the Film

So excited for this! There’s already Typeface. Helvetica. And now Linotype. Nerdy font movies….Oh how I love them. Have I missed any others?