Tag: Typography

Richard Pearse

Is this not amazing? It is. I can’t even take it. Richard Pearse via of Paper & Things.

Studio Lin

Good goodness, talk about complete & prolific package. Studio Lin is the Manhattan-based design studio of Alex Lin. His work covers print, web, motion, identity, there’s really nothing this cat can’t do! Color me a fan, Batman.

300 & 65 Ampersands

Just now discovering 300 & 65 Ampersands, a tumblr dedicated to documenting a year of…well, you know what. Despite the fact that the year is up, it’ll be my first stop the next time I’m hankering for an unusual ampersand. Via Ffffound.

You & Me

I don’t know how One Point Oh knows my tastes so well, but they sure nailed it with this one. How perfect is that ampersand? The prints comes as a set of two and are shipping worldwide. Thanks for sending this in guys!

Caleb Owen Everitt

I nearly licked my screen when I found this stuff. The rugged-urban woodsy look is SERIOUSLY doing it for me, both graphically and fashion-wise. Gentlemens, take note. Perfection, if there is such a thing, exists right here. Thank you, Caleb Owen Everitt, for making this beautiful work happen. Yes, all of it. Look familiar? Caleb’s… Read more »