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Support with Quite Strong + CAC

Sister Corita Kent, 1964. Song About the Greatness. (Screenprint) Via Art Tattler. Got another show in the works! Instead of building a line of sellable products like I did in December, this one is definitely, squarely in the art camp. Support is curated by my Quite Strong girls and the Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC) is… Read more »

Points of Interest

You’ve felt like this, right? Sometimes you’re skipping right along easily imagining whatever it is you can’t do into submission. And sometimes it’s not so breezy and with every forward step there pressure continues to loom. For the last two weeks I’ve been like a kid with my fingers in my ears and constant mantra… Read more »

Heather L. Johnson

What this?! Two blog posts in one day? Baby is on fiiiiire. Aren’t these embroidered maps by Heather L. Johnson just a feast? Spotted at the NEXT Art Fair downtown. Can’t stop drooling over the typography.

Vignette Wrap-Up

…..omgoshthiswasthebesttime. Thank you everyone for coming, thank you to Heather, Stephanie and Christine for bearing photographic witness of the work (more photos here). Thank you Design Bureau and of course, Angela. Going to hold on to this experience for a long time to come. I also can’t think of a better way to recoup than… Read more »

New Stuff from FoT

It’s been a minute since I’ve check out Friends of Type. Dangerously good stuff. Click through to see all of these in their full-size glory.