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Remembering When & the Prefect Getaway It’s ok limited edition of 1,000,000. Heh. Installation at the Family Room’s Proximity 003 Launch Party. Can’t believe where my head’s been on this one, but Matthew Hoffman aka Sighn’s work is definitely worth discussing. He was featured in the most recent Proximity Magazine and is often seen kickin’… Read more »

Inauguration Compilation

A small tribute to another historic day in America Love this spunky embroidered piece by Australian textiles boutique, Castle. Source. The classy and polished photography of Gemma Cosas. Article 2 (for BHO) from Andrew Sloat on Vimeo. Beautiful montage of type from Andrew Sloat, found via Swiss Miss.

Sketchbook Scans

Greetings friendly friends! Here’s some sketch ideas for custom hand typeface which I’ve been working on. It’s pro-bono spec work, so who knows if it will go anywhere. But it’s fun and good practice all the same!

Tsang Kin-Wah

Seriously blown away by Chinese illustrator & Artist Tsang Kin-Wah. I can’t believe the intricacy of these, all hand painted, I’m sure in person on such a huge scale they’re even more amazing. Via Graphic Hug.

Beard Font

Made me laugh. No credits to the designer though, no one seems to know! Bummer, it’s too funny to not give them due credit. Source.