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Heather L. Johnson

What this?! Two blog posts in one day? Baby is on fiiiiire. Aren’t these embroidered maps by Heather L. Johnson just a feast? Spotted at the NEXT Art Fair downtown. Can’t stop drooling over the typography.

Sparrow & Co.

All handmade home goods curated by Sparrow & Co. Textiles, hand-tooled leather, and rustic furniture and accessories with a vibe that’s Moroccan-meets-British countryside. It’s also incredibly well-priced, even once converted to USD.

Happy New Year!

I didn’t draw, design, write, exercise, or work on anything for 10 whole days. Aside from trying some new recipes, it was probably the longest creative hiatus I’ve had, maybe ever. It was divine. Work is a cruel mistress though, always beckoning, and eventually I find my way back to her tumultuous embrace. But with… Read more »

All For Everyone

Want I want I want! Made-to-order hand-crafted knits by Annie Larson for purchase online here.


Stephanie of Antwept-based Stip/Ontwerpt got in touch with some of her new work! I just love it when folks send me updates on what they’re up to. Looks good as always, thanks Stephanie!