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Ux Camp Talk: Design Tools for Social Justice

The purpose of this talk was to review and compare/contrast the various tools that have come out recently to help us improve our political engagement. Which it does, but I realized when speaking about these things talking about the tech itself is only half the issue, the other is how people are using it and why/why… Read more »

For Steve

The first computer I ever used was an 80’s era Apple Macintosh Plus. I was six years old. When my Dad brought it home from his job at Control Data, I didn’t even know what a computer was. That day he picked my sister & I up from school and we talked about what makes… Read more »

Friday Links

I’m short on words again. Oh, blah-di-dah. This week really had its way with me between a surprise beaucoup expensive traffic ticket, a smashed iphone, taxes and one large decision. Even my feet proved too tricky yesterday when I took a spill, resulting in ripped tights (my fave pair, natch) and a matching set of… Read more »