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Swoon Hits Detroit

” Swoon is the trickster’s belief in miracles” Guess what Snow Day means? Catching up on blogging! I’ve documented Swoon’s work a few times in this space, but every time I discover more of her work, it’s still incredibly affecting. It’s her energy I think, it’s impossible to ignore and is just so contagious. I… Read more »


New work from Brazillian street artist Speto. Via Wooster Collective.


Graffiti by Russian artist, Aske. Edited: There’s a full article about Aske in issue #1 of Design Bureau magazine, which is also a must-see.

Eco-Friendly Street Art

Gasp and awe! The most obvious juxtaposition of urban + nature, yet I’ve never thought of it that way before. Consider my mind blown. Jesse Graves: These are by Milwaukee artist, Jesse Graves. Using mud he “paints” on his temporary message, only to have it wash away in the rain. Anna Garforth: Artist & designer,… Read more »

Aakash Nihalani

Found this fun street art via the Wooster Collective. Aakash Nihalani is NY based but seems like he’s got work in lots of big cities. I love the way he composes his installations (he uses tape) but the way they’re shot makes them seem like photography pieces too. Catch new stuff on Aakash’s flickr too.