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Quick update!

  Okay, go go gadget blog post. Finally. Doing it. Noting the time, even: 1:41am. I’m not sure I’ve gone this long without posting before and it’s equally freeing and guiltifying. It’s been really tough to find reasons to post here, to be honest. And sometimes participating in the whole rest of the social media… Read more »

So, about Pinterest.

I didn’t think Pinterest was for me until one of my oldest friends, one who knows me better than almost anybody, called me out for not using it. As in, you’re crazy for not taking advantage of this resource‚Ķ That was six weeks ago and already it’s grown my traffic by a measurable amount (thanks,… Read more »

Friday Links

+ My friend Andy Luce is a brilliant painter & calligrapher and he’s got new work on display tonight at the COOP. + A darn thorough list of tax deductions for freelancers. + The 99% does us all another awesome favor with this mixtape, designed to have just enough bounce for maximum creativity. + 10… Read more »