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Margot in Japan: Naoshima & Kyoto

Back home and recovering from the last dredges of jet lag! Taking the time to commit these words before I’m completely re-absorbed back into life and it seems as if this trip never happened. ———————————————————————————————————- After leaving Tokyo, I journeyed to the tiny island of Naoshima, a short ferry ride off the south coast of… Read more »

Hattie Newman

I’ve kept a tab open of Hattie Newman’s work open for nearly a month already. I’ve forgotten entirely where I found her illustrations and paper landsacpes, but I’ve kept it up because it’s so stinking exuberant. Every time I return to the tab I get a little jolt of cheer. Thank you for the small… Read more »

Jessica Drenk

Also spied these glorious sculptures by Jessica Drenk at my trip to the Affordable Art Fair. Warped almost beyond recognition, they are made from books (!!!) that have been treated with a wax and then carved into shape. I love these because the paper starts to take on the appearance of wood, like it’s forcing… Read more »

Clark Goolsby

Sculpture, collage & painting by Clark Goolsby. In the worlds of Wayne & Garth: Shwing! Via the Aviary.

Richard Pearse

Is this not amazing? It is. I can’t even take it. Richard Pearse via of Paper & Things.