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Portland: Life Long Work Month

After Friday’s Creative Mornings talk w/ Kate Bingaman-Burt we headed back over to Portland State to kick off a month-long project with 9 of Kate’s design students. Named after a project Chad & Jesse Brown did together in 2009, Life Long Work Month is in an intensive lesson in collaboration. The students (hi, friends!) hole… Read more »

Friday Links, on Monday

Whoops posting glitch! By which I mean I did not actually hit…publish. Ahem. Onward!   + Yowza, yowza. This one’s much too hot handle! My friend, mentor & collaborator Angela Finney-Hoffman’s got a gorgeous spot on Refiney29. Amazing style, amazing loft. More pics on here on our blog, Outpost. + I contributed to a Howdy… Read more »

Creator's Inn / Elvine

I’m putting this one on my life list. Creator’s Inn offers a free place to stay for anyone who makes cool stuff. Free, as in completely, no fees. It’s also in Sweden (Gothenburg AND Stockholm to be more specific). All you have to do is apply with a short project that would contribute to the… Read more »