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The Films of William James Murray

  How funny is this poster? An icon for every Bill Murray movie, I especially like the Ghostbusters ones! By DKNG Studios, it bears strong likeness to Always With Honor’s work. Via Hipstreet.  


Vetted is another delightful little boutique with amazing stationery & accessories. I was also happy to see that they carry The Gentlewoman which is a British magazine of which I’m a fan because it’s a major overhaul on the typical women’s fashion rag. Simultaneously more intellectual and artistic, without the same tired layouts and fluffy,… Read more »

Studio Lin

Good goodness, talk about complete & prolific package. Studio Lin is the Manhattan-based design studio of Alex Lin. His work covers print, web, motion, identity, there’s really nothing this cat can’t do! Color me a fan, Batman.

Holly Wales Updates

Man, Holly Wales just doesn’t stop! New site and new work, plus enough extra curricula to make any high school student weep. Check ‘er out.


Fellow Chicagoan Veronica Corzo-Duchardt updated her site just before the holiday. She shares a studio with those wackaloon Sonnenzimmer kids, and I can definitely tell they influence each other. I love when that happens, it’s always a sign of progressive work.