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Pantone Letraset Posters

Orange 1495U Out of print Letraset posters? In Pantone colors? Darling, don’t mind if I do. Get ’em while they’re still in stock, there’s only a few left!

WPA Posters for Change

clockwise from left: Nick Dewar, Mike Perry, Christopher Silas Neal, and Christoph Neimann. Last month’s ReadyMade had a great feature that I think would resonate with a lot of artists & designers. In response to our current economic climate and in the tradition of the WPA, (the Works Progress Administration was a national initiative during… Read more »

Cardon Design

Sweet portfolio of Queens based designer, Cardon Webb. I like the range of his work, with pieces that feel thoughtful & somber, but also ones that are fun & playful too. Check out his posters for sale too. Via Oh Happy Day.