Tag: Photography

Horacio Salinas

Color & narrative are the best parts about Horacio Salinas’ work. Such great personality, the objects in the photos all seem to be anthropomorphic which I always love. Via I Heart Photograph.

Hannah Davis

This post is actually a twofer friends! On the Twitter I found new art shop/blog Paper Whistle by super talents Brandi Strickland & Robert Bentley (part one) which lead me to (part two), the awesomely quirky photography of Hannah Davis. Especially like her black & white stuff.

Corey Arnold – Fish Work

Corey Arnold’s Fish Work series comes from his travels as a commercial fisherman. It’s the most amazing combination of stunning and raw (literally in some cases) but also funny. Found at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery last week as part of Cody Hudson’s equally awesome show.

Could Be Me

Savas Ozay exo Sandra Krumins Could Be Me reads like a who’s-who of designers/illustrators/photographers/artistes extraordinare. Such a neat concept, they take the phrase, “It could be me, but it’s actually Paul Paper,” and incorporate it into what ever design they choose. It’s also a great way to find new artists.

Holding Pattern…

Uhhh. I didn’t realize how busy I was, with 3 projects due right now & squeezing in last-minute plans with out of town friends. So I’m going on blog vacation for a couple days. My feedreader has become just another way to procrastinate (Can you blame me? So many lovely things to look at!) It’s… Read more »