Tag: Painting

Nancy Rosen, More is More

Nancy Rosen, the Offical Mom of the Post Family (circa 1985 with the birth of Sam), closes out a fitting end to the scheduled shows this year at ye Olde Post Fam. Not only is Nancy and accomplished painter, but she’s the kind of grown-up I want to be when I grow up. Inspires me… Read more »

Jennifer Sanchez

New paintings from Jennifer Sanchez. Via Dear Ada.

Anna Taratiela

Installation, painting, collage by Anna Taratiela, also known as Onvi.

Carl Krull

Carl Krull emailed me to submit his work, but as it turns out, I’d seen it before at the (now closed) Flatfile Gallery like 6 months ago. It was his only showing of work ever in the States, and I remembered it! Anyway his work is rad, it’s a combination of drawing, layer painting and… Read more »

Tina Berning

Very classy portraiture by German illustrator, Tina Berning. Via Boooo0000o0ooo0m.