Tag: Objects

Stuff That’s Around

These photos are from a series I started on my Instagram I’m calling Stuff That’s Around. At first it was about integrating a bunch of disparate things, united by color as a common ground. But what I didn’t expect was that it’s having the effect of bridging disparate parts of myself too. How trying to find parallels… Read more »

Bread Spoons

These are bread spoons: “a set of containers made specifically for measuring bread ingredients. the size of each the vessel is precisely large enough to hold the ideal amount of water, flour, oil, sugar and yeast needed for a loaf. The white ceramic bowls have labeled wooden handles, making it easy for users to bake… Read more »

The Neche Collection

File this one under marvelous things I wish I’d thought of! My friend Veronica’s been cataloging and archiving her accountant-Grandpa’s office supplies and knick-knacks. There’s something really captivating about someone’s forgotten personal effects and I love that Veronica includes some of her own childhood memories alongside them. What a great gift to her family too!

Quivver Launches

My friend Amanda of Red Jet Whistle just opened her super unique shop, Quivver. Handmade arrows! What an interesting object to display in the home. They remind me a little bit of those unforgettable Best Made Co. axes.

Soji Collection by Mute

How much would you love to have these for your next dinner party? Or even as desk storage. Mmm, be mine. By Japanese design studio Mute, they’re gorgeous modern take on traditional Japanese lacquerware, carved from the most interesting exotic and sustainable wood. From Roger Allen, via Mint.