Tag: Motion

Explosions in the Sky

I could watch an entire film like this video. By Ptarmak with illusrations by Sissy Emmons and animation by David Hobizal.

Gala Bent

New updates from Gala, including a sweet little animation! Got the glacier theme here too (see below). Interesting.

Plural by Middle Mind Project

That right there is some of the city’s best graphic talent, undisputed. Video by Middle Mind Project, another favorite must-see if you’re looking for inspiring well-produced profiles of people who make cool shit. The most recent ones have original music too, which just blows my damn mind even further. Settle down friends, will ya? I’m… Read more »

Everyone Forever Now

This video, Stoop Sitting, is from a series called Everyone Forever Now. It’s by Everynone, who also produce the Radiolab videos too. All of Everynone’s videos strike this really unique balance of documentary and art that’s poignant without being too over the top.

David Silis

David Silis sent over his work, he’s quite the aspiring director I’d say. In this video he pokes fun at creative types, in a pretty cute Wes Anderson kind of way. Check it out!