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Dale Magazine

This is one of the finest examples of publication design I’ve seen in a while. I love when you can tell that the designer (in this case, Alejandra Roman) maintains a strict adherence to a grid. Yet the layout and flow is consistent and far from boring. Well done. Via Graphic-Exchange.

RRR Project

The RRR Project is dedicated to supporting art in surprising and accessible ways no matter what the medium is, “…we look around, see what we can do and take it upon ourselves to make it happen. Less talk, more action.” Their gorgeous zine: 100 pages of recycled art, 6×9 inches, 2/3 in 2 color &… Read more »

At Your Leisure

After working on Proximity magazine, it’s especially important to me to support local & smaller publications because I know the extra amount of effort it takes to them pull off, particularly financially. And now there’s this week’s news that ID is folding, on top of all our other countess magazine friends that have folded in… Read more »

New Work #3

Today’s tab is the most amazing New Work Magazine, issue #3. Every time I unearth this one I gasp because I forget how beautiful it is.

Proximity Magazine #004

{Magdalena Bors} {Scott Hocking} {Aurel Schmidt} Here’s a small taste of some of the artists in the upcoming Proximity mag. This is by no means exhaustive, there’s plenty more to be seen once it drops. Which if all goes according to plan, will be sent to the printer…sometime soon… tonight…hopefully?? Keep your fingers crossed for… Read more »