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Branding the 10,000 Lakes

Shout-out to my home state! Minnesota designer Nicole Meyer is tackling a new logo daily for each of of the 10,000 lakes. Yes, there really are that many of them. She’s going to be at this for AWHILE. Get it guuuurl. Via Northcoast Zeitgeist.

Caleb Owen Everitt

I nearly licked my screen when I found this stuff. The rugged-urban woodsy look is SERIOUSLY doing it for me, both graphically and fashion-wise. Gentlemens, take note. Perfection, if there is such a thing, exists right here. Thank you, Caleb Owen Everitt, for making this beautiful work happen. Yes, all of it. Look familiar? Caleb’s… Read more »

Monina Velarde

Wouldn’t you love to fly on an airline that’s this quirky and playful? Maybe some day when flying is fun again! By Monina Velarde, whose work I’m thrilled to discover and she hails from Chicago too. RAD. Via Quite Strong.