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Points of Interest

You’ve felt like this, right? Sometimes you’re skipping right along easily imagining whatever it is you can’t do into submission. And sometimes it’s not so breezy and with every forward step there pressure continues to loom. For the last two weeks I’ve been like a kid with my fingers in my ears and constant mantra… Read more »

New work from Visual Armory

In Chicago, it’s rare to see hand-lettered signage in the gentrified neighborhoods. Most small business either can’t afford it or it’s viewed as not pro-level or too “ghetto”. Which, I’m sure we all agree, is super lame. Luckily there’s a bunch of people in this town who are making it their mission to keep this… Read more »

New Stuff from FoT

It’s been a minute since I’ve check out Friends of Type. Dangerously good stuff. Click through to see all of these in their full-size glory.

Hugo Werner

Today’s love is the fantasgreat collage/illustration/lettering/awesomeness of Huge Werner. Blurb & interview on Not Paper and more pics on Hugo’s flickrtoo.

Sophie Henson

The internet seems a bit quiet today as the world teeters with bated breath on the verge of tomorrow’s momentous decision. However, I did stumble upon the stunning illustration work of London’s Sophie Henson. Also, her site is a lovely balance between unique design without compromising function. Oh, and check out her blog too! Source