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Bread Spoons

These are bread spoons: “a set of containers made specifically for measuring bread ingredients. the size of each the vessel is precisely large enough to hold the ideal amount of water, flour, oil, sugar and yeast needed for a loaf. The white ceramic bowls have labeled wooden handles, making it easy for users to bake… Read more »

Honor & Folly!

My friend Meghan just opened her own B&B: Honor & Folly! Features all the love & trappings from Detroit’s finest designers and artisans. It’s a really authentic way to experience this hard city. I can’t wait to stay the next time I’m Detroit! Book rooms here. Oh, and they also have cooking classes too!  … Read more »

Re-Classified Recap

BACK! Did you miss me? I missed you terribly, but I have to say I am glad for the break. Never before have I had such little interest in committing content to the web. I just couldn’t seem to find a way through all my crap and stress to contribute something useful to the fray,… Read more »

Re-Classified at Post 27!

This is just one of the project I’m currently incubating. It’s for all you post-it note hoarders, marker sniffers and obsessive filers (you know who you are). It’s for all those times when you have so much work you can’t see straight and you need a little extra oomphf to get motivated. Re-Classified is a… Read more »

Holding Pattern.

Who knew my impending visit to the oral surgeon would snatch my desire to write as well. Bear with me friends, I’ll be back as soon as I’m well again. In the meantime I’ve been entertaining reveries of the perfect spot to recoup. Things that come to mind: a cavernously deep soaking tub, a sweeping… Read more »