Tag: Installations

Raw Color

Wide and varied design and conceptual projects by Dutch studio, Raw Color. All in involving, you guessed it, color in a rainbow (pun intended, heh) of ways. Via Art Hound.

Clark Goolsby

Sculpture, collage & painting by Clark Goolsby. In the worlds of Wayne & Garth: Shwing! Via the Aviary.

INDO + Make-Believe Revamp

Initially when Indo Project’s window display went up as part of the Make-Believe Project in Wicker Park, I wrote a call for folks to vote. Interestingly enough since then INDO’s gotten quite the feedback just from passersby and local business owners which you can read about here. I’m super impressed at how much they’ve managed… Read more »


Incredibly crafted paper sculptures by Benja Harney.

Andy Goldsworthy

Site specific environmental art by Andy Goldsworthy. For the most part he uses no tools besides his hands and whatever surrounding natural materials he can find to painstakingly construct each piece. At the mercy of the elements, some works are gone within a matter of hours, collapsing and scattering on the wind or tide. Found… Read more »