Tag: Installation

Anna Taratiela

Installation, painting, collage by Anna Taratiela, also known as Onvi.

Maurizio Pellegrin

Fantastic installation work from Italian artist Maurizio Pellegrin. I appreciate anyone who can put such a disparate group of objects together in such a tight composition. He uses scale really nicely too.

Come Darkness

Phew! I’ve missed the internet! NY is such a full, exciting, whirlwind experience that afterward it feels perfect to unwind with my Reader in the quiet of my own cozy apartment. Just clicking away looking at pretty things and reading what people have been up to. This is Come Darkness, a small installation curated by… Read more »

Neasden Control Centre

Part design shop, part art house, all parts awesome, Neasden Control Centre is getting it done. One of those times that I had a hard time picking which projects to showcase.

Karin Mientjes

Dutch designer Karin Mientjes has some really great conceptual work and a really great pattern sense.