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Protect IP / SOPA Blackout

This is the most engaging and informative explanation that I’ve seen of Protect IP/SOPA yet. Via Mme Swiss Miss. Protect IP/SOPA is one of those bills that seems too ludicrous to actually get signed into law…Yet if sites like Wikipedia are blacking-out their entire content library for 24 hours it’s not for no freaking reason…. Read more »

Fast, Good, or Cheap

I’ve seen this crop up two times this week, both offline and on. It’s worth another underscore. Via Sharlene King.

Guest Post – Allison Jones

Allison is a Columbia design student who’s been kicking around The Post Family the past several months, and is pretty much Scott’s entire right-hand man. She’s throwing down a couple posts for me this week while I’m out of town. Hooray, thanks loads, Allison! . . . . . . . . . . …. Read more »


Great, fantastic design by VolumeOne. Just check out these infographics for GOOD. Plenty more where that came from too.

Johannes Schafer

Johannes Schafer is an about-to-graduate design student from Sweden. He’s got a really nice handle on page layout & info graphics. Thanks, Johannes & I wish you luck with your final projects!