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Cassandra Smith

I would be so very happy if a set of these came to live at my house. My Pops has a walking stick that is painted in a similar style, though his is so old the paint has all but faded and the stick itself is broken in half. I loved it as a child,… Read more »

Soji Collection by Mute

How much would you love to have these for your next dinner party? Or even as desk storage. Mmm, be mine. By Japanese design studio Mute, they’re gorgeous modern take on traditional Japanese lacquerware, carved from the most interesting exotic and sustainable wood. From Roger Allen, via Mint.

Sparrow & Co.

All handmade home goods curated by Sparrow & Co. Textiles, hand-tooled leather, and rustic furniture and accessories with a vibe that’s Moroccan-meets-British countryside. It’s also incredibly well-priced, even once converted to USD.

WASARA Disposable Tableware

Single-use, biodegradable, compostable and gosh-darn sexy. By Japanese company, WASARA, they’re reasonably priced for sale (wholesale and smaller retail packs) here. Via Graphic-Exchange.