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Stip/Ontwerpt is a Brussels-based graphic design studio founded by Stephanie Specht.


Finnish graphic design & illustrator, Lotta Nieminen. Tuli&Savu is a Finnish poetry magazine and was designed in collaboration with another of my favorites, Janine Rewell. Each spread is beautifully attended-to; there’s a lot going on but it’s expertly controlled. I love the colors too. I guess there could be a little more continuity between the… Read more »

Nike AirMax Illustrations

This project by Matt Stevens totally stopped me in my tracks (pun intended, of course). Matt has cleverly mimicked each of his favorite designer’s styles on an illustration of the classic Nike Air Max 1. From top to bottom: Nicholas Felton, Jason Munn, Armin Vit, Jessica Hische, Chip Kidd, Aesthetic Apparatus, Frank Chimero, Always With… Read more »

Japanese Stationery from UGUiSU

Japanese stationery shop, UGUiSU has really interesting products and loads of those fancy-pants masking tapes everyone (myself included) is in love with. Via Man Made Lakes.

Guest Post #2 – Allison Jones

Allison is a Columbia design student who’s been kicking around The Post Family the past several months, and is pretty much Scott’s entire right-hand man. She’s throwing down a couple posts for me this week since I’ve been out of town. Hooray, thanks loads, Allison! . . . . . . . . . …. Read more »