Tag: Graphic Design


Beautiful, beautiful work by Dutch/Australian design studio, Toko.

Lox & Savvy

Delicious new stuff from Australian stationery company, Lox & Savvy. Via Jesse, who always finds the most interesting paper products.

Printer's Ball

This is going to be fuuuuun. And yes, print does ♥ digital. Printer’s Ball 2010

Hint Magazine

Stills from an animation for fashion mag Hint which you can watch here (can’t embed Flash ya know) By My Orange Box.


Whoa. Hold the phone dudes. This is one hell of an epic design magazine. Written and produced in the UK, it features content by world-class international talent. There’s a total of ten contributors to the first issue including Steven Heller, Supermundane, Anthony Burill,and Julien Vallee. Broadsheet style, it ships wordwide via Paypal for £10. As… Read more »