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Louis Reith

Louis Reith’s collage & Illustration walks a sexy line between design & art.


Fellow Chicagoan Veronica Corzo-Duchardt updated her site just before the holiday. She shares a studio with those wackaloon Sonnenzimmer kids, and I can definitely tell they influence each other. I love when that happens, it’s always a sign of progressive work.

The Universe in Miniature in Miniature

Designer? Book-lover? I fall into both camps, and this new title The Universe in Miniature in Miniature, by Patrick Somerville certainly treats both the eyes and mind. Diecuts, illustrations, raw-edged pages, it’s published by the masterful featherproof books. I’m almost halfway done with it so I can’t give my complete report, but I will say… Read more »

Tobias Frere-Jones Catalog

92 page commemorative book on Frere-Jones’ work from 1986–2006. Design by Abi Huynh, with Laure Afchain, Marta Bernstein, Charles Mazé and Sueh Li Tan. Set in Gotham Condensed & Poytner Oldstyle text…I just love it when designers credit their typefaces in the colophon!

Friday Links

+ Weekly work week shots from the 65th floor of the Aon Building where I spent a day cranking out last minute edits to Edelman’s 8095 white paper. Read more about this groundbreaking study at PSFK and Fast Company.   Here’s some screengrabs of the layouts:     And not to be overlooked: + Sonnenzimmer’s… Read more »