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Friday Links, on Monday

Barn by Maya Hayuk, via her flickr + I’ve been clicking around on the Times’ Costa Rica travel guide a lot this week. Man, researching for vacations (first real one we’ve taken in three years) might be one of the most fun things ever. There’s just so many exciting options! Where did you stay? What… Read more »

Swooning over Swoon

“I’ve always had the sense about the way that people store their experiences inside their bodies. The way that everything you’ve ever seen or done is a part of you. If I could somehow draw that, if I could somehow make an x-ray of… maybe just your experience that day, or something you walked past,… Read more »


Graffiti by Russian artist, Aske. Edited: There’s a full article about Aske in issue #1 of Design Bureau magazine, which is also a must-see.

Eco-Friendly Street Art

Gasp and awe! The most obvious juxtaposition of urban + nature, yet I’ve never thought of it that way before. Consider my mind blown. Jesse Graves: These are by Milwaukee artist, Jesse Graves. Using mud he “paints” on his temporary message, only to have it wash away in the rain. Anna Garforth: Artist & designer,… Read more »


I just redisovered this video of RIPO’s 10 Days project. This kid is so good, like Steve Powers good. Not only are his lettering skills totally amazing, but it’s also a stellar concept; ten days’ worth of new headlines painted over top of each other in 10 days. Check this interview on Fecal Face for… Read more »