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Nonsense Info Graphics

I found these funny buddies on the Do Something Cool Everyday flickr pool. They’re meant to be infographics, but they don’t actually mean anything! I’m not sure who the guys are who designed these graphs, but they have tons of drool-worthy pieces on their flickr too.

Anthropomorphic Objects

I’ve heard people talk about certain objects that have certain anthropomorphic tendencies for them, like the Pixar Lamp for example. I feel this way about about clocks, vintage oscillating fans (Mitch Hedgeburg: I have an oscillating fan at my house. It goes back and forth. It looks like the fan is saying “no.” So I… Read more »

Meedchen's Photostream

These, because they just feel like they fit the day. More follow in this flickr set, but these few are my favorites. Don’t you wish you were at the beach contemplating clouds and seagulls too? From Black Eiffel.