Tag: Fine Art

Herb and Dorothy

I’m a huge documentary nerd. I could honestly watch one about paint drying if it was done well enough. But last night I saw Herb and Dorothy (instant play on Netflix) and it might be the most inspiring film I’ve seen all year, even edging out the Banksy film, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Herb… Read more »

Elvira Wersche

These sand patterns by Elvira Wersche are just amazing. See more here. Via Jokemijn.

Anna Taratiela

Installation, painting, collage by Anna Taratiela, also known as Onvi.

Abigail Reynolds

Stunning cut & folded paper sculptures by Abigail Reynolds. Via Kempt Life.

Maurizio Pellegrin

Fantastic installation work from Italian artist Maurizio Pellegrin. I appreciate anyone who can put such a disparate group of objects together in such a tight composition. He uses scale really nicely too.