Tag: Fine Art

Jeff Hamada Interview

As of yesterday, after battling with at&t for nearly two weeks, I haaaaaave internet again! It’s like being off crutches for the first time! Hello friends! Are you still there? I sure hope so. It takes an especially good interview to keep my attention long enough to finish it. Black Harbor’s done an excellent one… Read more »

Megan Geckler

Installations by Megan Geckler remind me of similar ones I’ve seen using masking tape. Megan’s have a more sculptural quality and use flagging tape, which is basically plastic ribbon that construction workers use to mark out space. I can only imagine how spectacular something like this would be times ten in scale. I’m thinking like… Read more »

My Love For You Fundraiser

One of my blog heros is using her site to put on a truly epic fundraiser for the Gulf Disaster. There’s an incredible amount of talent involved, and 100% proceeds go towards the cleaning up the spill. How can you not want to invest in something handmade when it’s for a massive cause like this?… Read more »

Mia Liu

I haven’t the slightest idea how these sculptures are constructed, but they are just breathtaking. Such a surprising way to use paper! By Mia Liu. Via Tokyo Blues.

Jennifer Sanchez

New paintings from Jennifer Sanchez. Via Dear Ada.